Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Importance Of Having A Robust & Dynamic Intelligent Feed For Cyber


In the world of Cybersecurity today, many businesses are starting to realize the importance of collecting the relevant information and data that they need in order to keep with the ever-changing landscape.  But trying to make projections and estimates into the future by hand takes forever, and technically, no human being can ever keep with this.  If they can, then the threat probably has already come and gone.

So, this is where role of AI comes in.  With this, you make extrapolations into the future within just a matter of a few seconds.  While this is very much an advantage, it can be a drawback also.  For example, AI systems require a huge amount of data in order to learn about the future.  But you simply cannot go out and purchase datasets off the shelf.

Rather, these data feeds that you use have to fit into your environment, and your security requirements.  But just as important, they have to be cleansed and optimized so that you get the most optimal results possible, without any skewness from occurring.  It is not easy to find these kinds of data sources, and in fact, this can be deemed to be one of the hardest tasks that an IT Security team can embark one.

But the good news is that there is a company out there that specializes in this very tasks – they are known as Wapack Labs, and in this podcast, we have the honor and privilege of interviewing Jim McKee, the Founder and CEO.  He will explain more detail as to how Cyber information and data feeds can work for your business.

You can download the podcast at this link:


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